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Work In Progress

Remember how excited I was about the Ohio gig?'s uncertain whether I've got the job at this point. Apparently the entertainment company sent a picture of me from a few months ago and the client told the other entertainment company that it looks like I had put on weight. So I scramble to schedule a photo shoot with my genius photographer friend, but she ends up being getting sick and going out of town for the weekend. My entertainment company said don't worry about it, the job is mine, so I relax for a day but then I get the call saying that the client requested recent face and figure shots. So I get a friend of mine to take pictures of me outside my house... not super professional looking, but hopefully they'll show the client that I've got the look they are going for. And look at my cute new short hair cut!

It was terribly distressing and stressful and I haven't heard back yet about the job, so I have no idea what's going on! I hope they pick me. On the bright side, after some time to chill, the whole ordeal has made me want to achieve my fitness goals even more. I'm telling myself all the time "I love my body. I'm gorgeous. So beautiful," because I know that I will achieve my goals with positive expectation. I can do this! I am a work in progress. I am painfully aware of my flaws sometimes, but I draw strength from Marilyn, because she did it anyway despite her anxieties and insecurities. So I guess it just makes me that much more authentic!

One of my new fans helped me feel better when he told me he could see me in movies and that my eyes are like diamonds. So sweet! Eyes on the prize, Lucy. Regardless of what happens with this gig, this is still the beginning of my journey and I am persistent and ambitious! Marilyn had a lot of rejection too, but nothing made her give up on her dreams.

I leave for my convention in 10 days. I've been practicing my new song ("You'd Be Surprised), but I realized too late that my backing track isn't as great as I thought. But it's too late to change now, so I'll just need to make the best of it. It's not terrible, but when I can, I'm going to have it professionally redone because it just has a bit of a karaoke feel to it. But it's still exciting that it's a new song to add to my repertoire, and a fun one for singing telegrams.

So, bit of an emotional roller coaster this last week, but I'm looking forward to going to the convention, meeting a lot of other professional impersonators, and doing my absolute best. <3

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