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Don's 90th Birthday Celebration

Something miraculous happened! Someone found me, BY HERSELF, on Google! So exciting, especially considering how little self-promotion I've really done. But I found out that it actually all works and it is possible for people to find me online! I asked her how she found me, and this is what she said:

Isn't that SO cool?? She read my blog and wanted to book me! 😍

She was looking for something special to add to her Grandpa's diner-themed 90th birthday party and she wanted Marilyn to sing him Happy Birthday. It was a BLAST, you guys! Everyone was dressed up in 50's costumes and so many people attended the party. It was a true honor to be there. She said, "No pressure, but you're literally our only entertainment for the night." 😅

She was so kind. She paid me in cash on the day of because I still haven't figured out how to take payment on my website, and they added a tip! And she graciously allowed me to take photos and videos and use them on my website and social media! When I go to gigs the entertainment company has booked for me I'm not permitted to do any self-promotion, but this time I was able to get valuable images and video that I can use to promote myself. I hired a couple of friends to tag along with me which was fun because usually it's just me panicking about getting to the gig on time. We made it and we were able to park right in front of the entertainment center at the really nice RV park in Mesa. The weather was perfect and the sun was setting right as I got there. Thanks for capturing these images!

I got some great photos and video clips, and I put some of the videos together and made my first Instagram reel. Thanks @nereyda.martin for the footage!

Look at this sweet, sweet little girl. She loved my makeup and they said they had to hold her back while I was performing. So adorable!

The real star of the show was Don's 1950's pink convertible. He sat me on that thing and I didn't realize how incredibly solid and well-built classic cars really are. You could tell he loved showing it off! 😍

The lady that booked me left me an incredible review! It's on the "Community" section on my Millennial Marilyn Facebook page. Neither of us could figure out how to make it save as a review, so it is where it is! I'm so grateful for the positive feedback and awesome experience.

Aw, she said I'm going to blow up! Well... actually, I kind of have blown up... but not in the way I wanted. 😵 I'm up 25 to 30 pounds or so which is SO frustrating because later this month is the annual Sunburst Convention of Celebrity Impersonators! I really thought the looming convention date would motivate me to stick to my diet but it didn't. 😭 Nothing does. I didn't handle stressors in the world and my personal life very gracefully over the past few months and I ate my feelings and now it feels like I'm starting over at Square 1. And I was only 5 pounds above my goal weight at one point too. Arrgghh!

Anyway, I'm still going to the convention and I'm going to have a great time. This time I want to get pictures with everybody and get some footage for some reels and stuff and make deeper friendships with people in the industry. Here's my half page ad for the program this year. And I want to get in the habit of posting more to my social media. Going months between posting is not conducive to building an audience. I know I'm going to get some great tips and advice at the convention and I'm so, super excited to be going back. NEXT YEAR by golly I will be wearing those dresses in my closet!

Here's a haiku which shows where I'm at mentally right now:

Food delivery

Shut up and take my money

I am getting fat

Got to refocus on my goals and just make the best of where I am. Marilyn's weight fluctuated so... I'm just... being really authentic. Yeah, that's it. If you're reading this, please send me good vibes for sticking to my plan. 😅

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