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Updated: Sep 7, 2021

A lot to catch up on! I've had three recent gigs that all went pretty well.

The first was for a client who had hired me three times before. I used the phrase "Fourth time lucky" in my social media because I felt fortunate to have the repeat business. I also wanted to have some variety in my pre-gig selfies, so I took this one outside with the clouds in the back. Only afterwards did I realize that neither "head in the clouds" nor "fourth time lucky" meant what I was going for. 🤣

Initially this client wanted me to perform after she took the birthday boy to dinner, but that would have been at 10pm and I declined. So instead she had me meet them at his condo to sing for them before they went to dinner. We had very intense eye contact the whole time I was singing for him, and I realized afterward that maybe it was because he didn't want to ogle me. I need to start telling men it's okay to look... I'll say something like Marilyn's quote from Collier’s Magazine in 1954, when she said “I won’t be satisfied until people want to hear me sing without looking at me. Of course, that doesn’t mean I want them to stop looking.” 😉

He told me afterward that the entire time I was singing, there was a decorative wall hanging behind me and I was perfectly positioned to have it look like there were horns coming out of my head, lol! Maybe that's why he looked petrified. 😈💋

The next gig took place at a car dealership for two men, and actually it turned out to be three! I was singing for the two men, but they were standing pretty far away from each other, and I noticed people giggling while a third one in the middle looked a little sheepish. I said, "is it him? or him? or him? or him?" looking confusedly between the two men like a malfunctioning Marilyn-bot and people laughed and said he was having a birthday too. So then I included him in my serenade and we all took pictures together. It was a fun time!

On my way out, one of the salespeople held the door open for me and told me he was in the entertainment business for 30 years as a DJ and that I did an excellent job. That felt good! I texted this picture to the contact to share with the three men, and she said they were all smiles after I left.

The latest gig was in a rural setting, which was actually pretty perfect because I grabbed the wrong shoes by accident. I was walking in the one with the broken heel, but I didn't even notice because the gig was outdoors and I walked on gravel the whole time. The birthday boy was a real sweetheart turning 80, and everyone was so kind. He said something while I was singing "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend," and it threw me off a little and *poof* all the words just went out of my head. I said, "Oh, see, now look what you've done... you're too handsome!" I got caught up but it was an awkward 20 seconds. 😬

I texted the on-site contact this pre-gig selfie but she didn't respond to me, so I don't know if he got it.

It got more awkward after that when I texted his nephew the next day, who lives out of town and had arranged the performance. He had requested that I take a few photos on my phone and text them to him, which I did and he loved. The next day I asked if it would be alright with his uncle if I used our photo on my blog, and his only response was "I can't speak for him on that." I thought it was implied that he would find out for me, since I don't have his uncle's contact info, but oh well! I just said, "No problem, I won't share it if I can't get his permission." So I'm not sharing that picture of us, but it was cute! He was such a kindly gentleman.

**Update** The on-site contact got back to me and said I could use the photo, and actually gave me a better one! Look how cute!! 😍

I did have another performance, for family. My brother-in-law was visiting and when I found out it was his birthday, I decided to surprise him with a performance. He's been so encouraging from the beginning and he absolutely loved it. I told him it was a limited edition Marilyn outfit (because I didn't want to wear my moneymaker around my niece and nephew because toddlers and white dresses don't mix well). This is the original photo but I found out I could do some fun things to it for the blog post cover image!

In other news, I had a relapse on my food plan, but I'm back now and feeling good. I've decided to follow the plan for 100 days before weighing and measuring myself again and I'm 10 days in. I am liking the feeling of putting all of my focus on what I can control, which is what I eat, and not the outcome, which will take care of itself if I keep up my good habits. I'm hoping to be much closer to my goal weight by the time I weigh again, and it's nice to not have the drama in my head about the number on the scale.

I've got a big gig on the books! In late October I'll be performing at a car show on the other side of town for a nonprofit. It will be a three-hour photo op, outdoors, no singing. I'm looking forward to it! Hoping to replace my dodgy shoes before then. 😅

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