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Time to Step Up

Hello! Since I didn't lower the microphone during my performance at Sunburst, it cast a stark shadow and rendered the video and photos useless. I liked this one, however! I plan to use it in my upcoming promotions.

This is what the rest of them looked like. No way I'm paying for photos and a video where I can barely see my face! It's a great lesson for me to be aware of how the light is hitting me.

I've got plans to advertise on Facebook soon to bump up my singing telegram business. I want to advertise on Gigsalad and The Bash eventually too, but I want to develop my act a little more before I do.

I had my last singing telegram scheduled by the entertainment company, which was bittersweet. It was for a man's 70th birthday, his kids set it up for him. I thought it would be a surprise for me to walk up to his and his wife's table at a restaurant in Desert Ridge, but when I arrived, there was a sign on the table that said "Reserved for Marilyn Monroe." I loved it! I wish I thought to take a picture with it! Or even ask to keep it! They were a delightful couple who enjoyed my performance. I even goofed up the words a little in one of the songs, but I casually rewound the CD and started that verse over. I take comfort knowing that even Marilyn goofed up the words sometimes. Part of her absent-minded charm!

Here's another picture of me with other Marilyns at the Sunburt Convention. My hair looks dark compared to theirs! I think mine looks a lot lighter in different lighting, especially since I had just gotten it done a couple of days prior. Maybe I'll ask my hairstylist if I can go up a shade.

Remember how I said I got some feedback at the conference saying I should make my performance less depressing and more sexy? I asked a friend about her take on my performance, and she gave me some really helpful and thought provoking feedback:

"Well winsome and charming you had down which totally came off as little girl sexy... which was very sweet coy and tons of sex appeal. I remember loving yours which is why I approached you to tell you so before I even met you. You did great. It was a solid performance.

You have a quality that is totally you that you add to her... that hanging out I saw that quality and you weren’t acting as Marilyn. When you said your husband told you to just be yourself cuz you have the Marilyn thing naturally... I’d have to agree with him... wholeheartedly.

You are very vulnerable, little girl, sexy woman and sweet warm and your eyes sparkle, especially when you are excited about making friends with strangers and making them play weird cruise ship games with you at a strange convention where all the adults like to play dress up. Lol... that stranger was me by the way. Haha

You are doing great. You’re right to let it fall off your back... take the things that can help you grow and develop and leave the rest.

You got this. I think your terrific. (Both as Marilyn and as Lucretia) "

That was such heartwarming and affirming feedback! It validates that my portrayal of Marilyn is coming across as authentic, genuine, sweet and loving. That's exactly what I want!

My next steps are to continue getting in shape (it's going pretty well) and to create a Facebook ad for my singing telegram services, targeted locally. I'd like to have a steady stream of singing telegrams (maybe one or two a week) so I have something to blog about and so I can hone my skills as I build my act. Really excited about how everything is going! <3

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