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The Real Deal

My last gig was for a Hollywood-themed 65th birthday party in a swanky neighborhood. The wife put me in a room so her husband didn't see me. She took my jukebox in her arms to get it set up ahead of time which gave me some anxiety. I think in the future I'll just politely insist to set it up myself because it doesn't take long and that way I don't have to contend with visions of it getting dropped or spilled on. After about 10 minutes, she lead me out to the backyard. The husband was definitely surprised! I heard someone say, "It's the real deal" before I started singing. There were probably 50 or 60 guests, all having a great time with an open bar.

My first song went well, but in between they had me switch to using a microphone so everyone could hear better. It must have thrown me off a bit because I ended up completely blanking on the last verse of Diamonds, which I've sung a thousand times. I couldn't hear my jukebox very well from that distance and I froze. I said, "He's just too handsome, I've forgotten my lines!" Nobody seemed to mind and partygoers gathered around me to take pictures afterward. The birthday boy was so nice and it was obvious he was well loved. I'm so glad to have participated in his celebration and I hope he remembers it fondly. His wife sent me two video clips and said I could post them! Here they are:

I'm usually so shy about posting video because I want everything to be perfect, but it's so rare for me to even get video that I wanted to post this. She was so kind to share! I see room for improvement and I'm looking forward to refining my act. This is the pre-gig selfie I sent to the wife to share with her husband:

I edited another photo that I ended up using as my new profile picture for Facebook and Instagram. I got great feedback and a lot of engagement, but then I noticed that it looks like something is coming out of my nose. So now I'm not sure if I should remove it or just leave it up and hope no one notices. The ironic thing is that my caption for the photo was "Ready for my closeup" which apparently I was not. 😆

The Sunburst Celebrity Impersonator Convention is in less than three months. My body transformation is going well and I'm hoping to be within 10 pounds of my ultimate goal weight by then (I have about 25 more to lose). It's not all rainbows and butterflies, that's for sure, but this weight loss attempt has been the most successful in my life. I'm at my lowest weight in years and I'm so grateful for this program and so very excited to be making progress toward achieving my goals! Once I've achieved the physique I want, I'll for sure be blowing up my self-promotion! In the meantime, I want to learn all my songs so I can put together a complete show. I also want to undergo private acting lessons so if anyone wants to put me in a movie, I'll be ready. Starring as Marilyn in a film would be a dream come true!

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