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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

I've registered for the 2021 Annual Sunburst Convention! I also had a blast performing on a restaurant patio last night for a man turning 81. It started out like a horror film when the tip of my heel broke off on my way to my car, but luckily I had a spare set that I could wear instead. But then it happened AGAIN when I got out of my car! I carefully lifted my heel out of the hole in the pavement the second time so it didn't break.

There were a lot more people than I was expecting since neighboring tables all gathered round as well. I had a bit of technical difficulty at the beginning (the portable battery pack must be switched on before my jukebox will work, haha) but after that, everything went smoothly. I had nerves because it's been quite a while since I last performed in person. Happy to say I remembered all my lines and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. I got laughs at all the right times!

At the end of my two songs and Happy Birthday, the gentleman went into a speech about how he had nearly died from a fever, so his wife set up 24-hour care with nurses round the clock, and then he turned to me and said, "Would you like to apply?" I replied saying I was glad he was feeling so much better. It was overall one of my best gigs to date! I adore performing for people's birthdays. It's such an honor to partake in special occasions!

This gig sparked a lot of joy and confidence in me. The next day I texted the contact a photo I had posted on social media and asked him to send it to the recipient, saying that I usually like to pose for photos but that was tricky during the pandemic. I'm going to start doing that for all my customers as a keepsake of our encounter! It will be their own specific pre-gig selfie. When I get my own clients, I'll also mail them a print out with a thank you card.

Here is the photo I posted next to the unedited version. I actually love the unedited version so much I printed it out for inspiration. It feels so good to be taking steps toward my dreams again!

Speaking of which, one of my major roadblocks was self-consciousness about my body. I am tickled to report that I have found the perfect solution for me! It's called Bright Line Eating and I highly recommend it if you obsess over food (like moi). I'm almost halfway to my goal weight and at this rate I think I'll reach it right around the time the Convention starts. So thrilled to debut my gold and pink dresses now that they'll fit!! I'm going to see if I can arrange some time with photographers during the convention so I can get lots of publicity photos.

I think like Marilyn I'll have the most success posing for still pictures first. I'll keep improving my act and eventually I'll have enough material for a full show. Won't that be fun?? I could even travel with it!

In other news, I've befriended a delightful group of Marilyn Monroe impersonators and vintage content creators and it is so lovely having supportive Marilyn friends. I'm so inspired by their dedication and devotion to Marilyn. I had a realization that I was haughty in the beginning, thinking I could somehow be considered the top Marilyn Monroe impersonator in the world. Every single impersonator and tribute artist brings her own beauty and sensitivity to her Marilyn portrayal. It's impossible to become "the best" because Marilyn's spirit is reflected in all who love her. My primary purpose is to allow that love to spill from me and uplift everyone with whom I come into contact. I am looking forward to seeing where my career takes me, and I am so profoundly grateful for the love and support of my friends and fans. ♥

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