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Pool Party Pandemonium

I sang for a robust man in his 30s today. I was a little nervous when the entertainment company told me that the picture on street view was an empty lot, but it turns out it was a recent upscale build. It was absolutely jam packed with beautiful people enjoying the sunshine and camaraderie. A gorgeous girl told me I was so pretty, and I was so flattered! I didn't feel like my makeup was on point today but I am working on it. Really want to perfect the look so it will make the illusion that much more convincing. I want to be spellbinding!

It was challenging to keep my focus with partygoers talking and laughing during my performance. My backing track was a little too loud, so next time I'll take a moment to make sure the volume is perfect for the environment. It was hot and I'm certain I was sweating. The guest of honor had an athletic build and boundless energy. He was under the impression that I'd strip, but I told him it wasn't that kind of show. He deftly caught several cans of adult beverages thrown to him while I sang. I kissed his card instead of his cheek (due to the pandemic) and he thought that was nonsense. They swooped in for a photo at the end and I didn't object; pretty sure my pose was awkward, but hopefully he likes it.

I processed another pre-gig selfie and sent it to the on-site contact, who promised he would deliver to the recipient. I like doing it! Selfies have been great for posing practice. My strategy is to take dozens and then pick the one I like best. Speaking of pictures, it's thrilling to think of booking photography sessions with some artists I have in mind, especially now that I'm starting to feel more confident in my body. I'm expecting that I'll feel close enough for a professional shoot by August! Right in time to design some new promo material for the Sunburst Convention. I want to wow everyone there. ♥

Here's me after the gig. Makeup held together pretty well considering I felt like I was melting!

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