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Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Hello, hello! Since the last time I posted, I went on a cruise with my parents, ate a TON of food, and have returned motivated and inspired to make my fitness dreams a reality. I recognize that my self-consciousness about my body has prevented me from blooming into the world-class Marilyn Monroe impersonator I feel deeply I am meant to be. But the stars have aligned to make it easy for me to achieve my desires!

You know how I put a deposit down on a cruise for my family in October? Well... a friend told me about her supplement company holding a 60-day weight loss competition in which the grand prize is $10K. Hello, cruise and airfare! I would absolutely love to win that money, but in any case, I will be that much closer to my ideal figure by the end of the challenge, so however it works out it is a win in my book. I love that there's a way to potentially pay for my family's cruise and achieve my physical goals at the same time! I would adore your good vibes and positive energy flowed my way! In 60 days, I will be well on my way toward feeling confident enough to begin blowing up my self-promotion. ♥

My last gig from around the holidays was on the one hand totally awesome and on the other hand chock-full of learning experiences. I learned that I need to blend my makeup better around my hairline (I look more pink on my scalp and my foundation has a yellowish hue). I also learned that I must do my hair immediately before the gig for best results, and that it's time to get a hair cut. My hair is a bit disheveled, but my audience didn't seem to mind.

A pest protection company from last year specifically hired me again. How flattering!! This time they also hired someone else from the same entertainment company as a magician (who also happens to be the owner, which was great for me because he got to see me in action). They weren't jiving with his act when I got there, and I could hear murmurs of excitement when they saw me. This year, they hired a professional photographer and he was kind enough to share!

This one is the cutest... there was a baby there! Marilyn always wanted to have children, she always adored and played with them, so I asked to hold him. I guess he was attracted to my red lips because the next thing I knew, he had smeared my lipstick down my face!

Meeting this photographer was the highlight of this gig. I could tell that he was impressed when he was snapping photos of me. He said he couldn't believe how convincing I was and asked if I'd ever like to recreate photos. Um, yes please! We're planning a shoot once I feel a bit more comfortable in my skin. I am so honored that he wants to work with me! He said he thinks my career will skyrocket. So, so exciting!

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