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Happy Wife, Happy Life

Last weekend I had a gig in North Phoenix at a beautiful home for a boss and his employees. The on-site contact asked me to make it extra flirtatious so I laid it on extra thick. There were a lot of people there! They had him sit in a chair and all gathered round. It was hot from all the body heat. The birthday boy seemed a little dazed throughout the performance. I liked that there were no distractions in the background and I'm happy to say I did not mess up any of the songs!

Before I sang him Happy Birthday, I told him I wanted him to feel like the most special person in the world and to forget about all these people, it's just me and him, and he said, "and my wife!" and everyone laughed. She was totally into it and took photos of us afterward. I think she liked to see him sweat a little. 😅

Here's the picture I texted the on-site contact afterward. He said he would get it to the recipient and told me I was wonderful. It's so nice to hear positive feedback!

I am continuing to make progress toward my ideal body. I'm down 39 pounds with about 21 pounds to go. I'm so grateful that I found this way of eating and I'm confident I will reach and maintain my goals. This plan isn't for everyone but it's been exactly what I needed. If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you've seen my weight yo-yo so the fact that I've been this consistent and dedicated is nothing short of miraculous. I am so excited to finally achieve my goal body size and I'm sure it will happen this year! It's such a relief to know what I need to do, and now I just need to take it one day at a time until I reach my goal. 🥰

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