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Good News Bad News

I have a good news/bad news situation. The bad news is that I decided that going to the Sunburst Convention this year wasn't feasible financially for me. The good news is that three days later, they announced they are postponing it until May! I should have my finances in order by then to be able to go, and I'm also quite certain I'll have reached my physical goals by then.

I performed at an outdoor party over the weekend for a big Marilyn fan. A lady! She hired me to perform at her own birthday party. Normally there's an element of surprise at my gigs, but not this time. She lead me out to the backyard where a DJ was playing music and party guests were sitting at tables. She had the DJ play my CD, and after he announced the special guest, my songs started playing right away. The birthday girl was filming it on her phone so all I could see was the light of the flash. I'm also pretty sure I was dripping in sweat. It's hot in Arizona, even at 8:30pm!

Afterward, I posed for photos with guests and I was shocked at how well these new cameras take pictures in low light settings! A couple of men refused to take a picture with me until I said, "Oh, but you'll hurt my feelings if you don't," with a little pout. That usually does the trick. Apparently they are too nervous to pose with me with their ladies present, even if they are encouraging them to take a photo.

Today (August 4th/5th) is a big day in the Marilyn community because in 1962 Marilyn was found dead in her home of probable suicide. There's a lot of controversy over what really happened, but what can't be argued is the impact she left on the world. It's amazing that I can dress up as her and be instantly recognized by almost everybody, even though she has been gone for 59 years. The love she evokes from her fans is truly inspiring and my goal is to reflect that love to my audience and uplift everyone I meet. I'm so grateful to Marilyn for showing the world that dreams can come true. She's an icon. 💖

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