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Father's Day 2019

I sang "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" again for the first time since the cruise! I was up late rehearsing it last night while frantically trying to find my CD burner so I could burn another disc with all three songs since my other disc only has the two songs on it. After a couple of hours of searching I decided to switch gears and commandeer my son's iPod and long story short, I now operate on bluetooth! It's great because I can add all my backing tracks and create playlists for different events. And I don't have to worry about the disc getting scratched and skipping (that happened once!). I can also take photos with it and it is slim so it fits in my handbag nicely. I've been wanting to switch to using an iPod for quite a while, so I'm glad that misplacing my CD burner forced me into learning how to use it! I figured out how to transfer my songs from my PC to my iPod without using iTunes. I used a program called CopyTrans Manager and it was simple, free, and user-friendly.

Promoting my Father's Day special was kind of a last-minute decision. The entertainment company that arranges gigs for me encouraged me to take the day off work so I'd be available because they expected Marilyn to be popular for Father's Day since their Elvis was kept busy on Mother's Day. Nobody had booked two days prior to Father's Day, so I made this picture and posted it on Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp, but Facebook deemed it unacceptable and said it violated the Marketplace policies!

At first I thought somebody got the wrong idea about the nature of my business, but now I think it's because it's not a "real" physical item for sale. So I guess Facebook Marketplace isn't a good place to advertise. Once I learn some more songs, I'll put myself up on Gigsalad and maybe Gigmasters. And maybe run some more Facebook ads. That got me some likes last year when I did it!

Fortunately the entertainment company came through with a last-minute booking for 10:30am on Father's Day. It was set up by a daughter for her father who resides in a memory care center, conveniently located only 11 minutes from where I live. The guy was real sweet and couldn't take his eyes off me. He didn't say anything while I was there, so I think maybe he's got issues talking, but when they told him it was his kids who sent the singing telegram, he got a big smile on his face. It was heartwarming! I sang in their common room, which had great acoustics!

It was terribly bright outside when I got out so I couldn't even see the screen on my iPod, but I took a couple of photos.

I have 72 days left before I leave for my convention. That countdown feature on my blog IS motivating! Time to get serious about getting fit because I want to be a straight up stunner when I arrive in Florida. I'm not expecting this convention to be the one thing that sends my career into hyperdrive, but you never know! Someone could be watching who will want to hire me for high-paying gigs in the future so I want to be on top of my game. I'll have an opportunity to showcase for five minutes, and I'm still deciding on the song I want to learn next. Maybe "Do It Again" would be a good choice!

I am proud to say that I've given away almost half of all the business cards I ordered. YAY ME! I used to be nervous to talk about my side hustle, but now I am pretty quick to work it into the conversation in a natural way. And I'm up to 116 likes on my Facebook page! Everything is going great and it keeps getting better. <3

Now, LUCY: this week, stay true to your plans and make progress toward your weight loss goals. It's as easy as you make it. *deep breath* I got this!!

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