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Double Vision

Last week a business tried to hire me but I was unavailable at the time. I'm so glad the boss decided to book me anyway for one week later and made it a belated birthday celebration for two co-workers who were also identical twins. One of them eyed me more intently than the other but I could tell they both enjoyed it, although the attention did make them blush. When the twins were confused at first because their birthdays were last week, I laughed it off and said, "Well I'm not exactly known for being on time," which is true as any of Marilyn's directors could attest.

On my way to the suite, two construction workers passed by and asked for a photo, to which I obliged. I made it to the building with two minutes to spare but the lobby was being completely renovated so I got a little nervous I might be in the wrong location. Fortunately right then my contact came out and greeted me and brought me to a conference room with maybe 20 office workers and an office dog. I think I may have been a little breathless because I was for sure offkey for a few notes, but no one seemed to mind. I guess I'm lucky Marilyn wasn't known for singing well (though she had a lovely voice). She used to say "I won't be satisfied until people want to hear me sing without looking at me. Of course, that doesn't mean I want them to stop looking."

When I sang "Happy Birthday," I shrugged and made Presidents plural since there were two of them, and that got a laugh from the crowd. Afterward I kissed the cards instead of their cheeks and since I figured my lipstick would have faded after the first kiss, I said "You can have two since you're number two," and the boss laughed and said that settled it, they had always wondered who was number two between them! I hope he didn't think I meant it that way. I sent another selfie to the contact to share with the recipients, which I used as my Instagram post. Here's another from the pre-gig shoot:

I'm a little over halfway to my ultimate body goal and it's so thrilling to think I could achieve it before returning to the Sunburst Convention in September! I'm eager to debut the gowns I bought years ago intentionally too small, thinking I would have fit into them sooner. I feel so incredibly grateful to be taking steps toward making my dreams of becoming a world class Marilyn Monroe impersonator a reality. Nothing feels better than following your dreams, and it's never too late.

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