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Cover Girl

A fellow Marilyn shared with me that we were both featured as the cover photo for an article on the Sunburst Convention in the Italian Vogue! How exciting! Only the daughter of the producer of the show was named specifically (who is a fabulous impersonator of several characters including Marilyn) but gosh, such an honor to be on the cover!

I was on such a high until I flipped through the photos and found the other one they included of me. Le sigh... My first response is to pick my appearance apart but my coworker swears that it's not a bad picture. I dislike it, but what are you gonna do? Here's the pic in case you're curious:

Working with the entertainment company again is paying off. I've got three gigs booked for December! Two of them are pure Meet & Greets, one of them will also involve singing. So excited to go to these Holiday parties! I sure wish I could hand out my own business cards, but that will need to wait until I'm actually booking my own gigs.

I guess that's all I have to report right now! My New Year's Resolution is to start actively learning all the songs I have in my collection of backing tracks as well as getting to a six 6 like Marilyn was. Luckily for me most people have the image of her being very voluptuous so they don't usually bat an eye at my figure, but I know that she was quite slender and I want to portray her as accurately as humanly possible.

I went to a networking event early this year and someone messaged me from my business card she got from that event! It's been 11 months! She's on the board of a local film festival that's taking place in January and she wants to meet up about my goals. So exciting! I don't know what it means exactly but I'm definitely interested in hearing more. Maybe they'll have me as a presenter or something? I would absolutely *love* to portray Marilyn in film, and before that happens I intend to achieve the body I want and refine my acting abilities.

Things are going great and I'm excited for what's next. <3

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