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Cold Shoulder

A couple of recent gigs to catch you up on!

This is the first time a client has kept me waiting for so long... I was shivering outside my van for 55 minutes before they called me on stage! It was for a birthday party at 9:30pm, held on the terrace of a shared workspace company. I showed up 15 minutes early and then was told "almost ready" over and over by text. Gah! I wish they would have kindly compensated me for my extra time, but they did not think of that, and I felt awkward requesting it. I feel the entertainment company should have said something, but they said they didn't think it was there place to say anything! :/ So, what's a girl to do with almost an hour to kill? Selfie time!! (I have a lot more but most of them are crappy... nighttime parking lot lighting doesn't make for ideal photo shoot conditions :-p)

When I'm booking my own events, I'm going to make sure that my clients expect to pay extra if they keep me waiting for so long. I didn't verbalize my discontent, but it's pretty obvious from my choice of emojis:

Anyway, it turned out to be fun gig. It was a 50th birthday party for a guy who was obviously well-loved. I got there in the middle of a roast which is why it took so long for me to make my appearance. I got to hear a lot of "old" jokes. When I did finally go on stage, I told him he didn't look a day over 35. He liked that!

I had my little jukebox up there but there was a crowd of about 100 people. Someone handed me a mic so everyone could hear, and I'm happy to say that my vocals were on point! I heard people saying, "Oohh, she's the *real* Marilyn!" And I was like, omg, they must really think I look convincing! But then I saw why, haha...

My next gig was at a posh hair salon with a Parisian theme. Turns out the theme is because the owners are actually French! The salon owner certainly seemed to appreciate my performance. I gave him a kiss on both cheeks, which seemed natural. Here's my pre-gig selfie:

The salon owner's wife said my makeup was perfection, so that felt good! I enjoyed this gig, but I messed up the words on the last 10 seconds of my second song... argh! At least I can always giggle and say "He's so handsome! I forgot my lines."

I had the good fortune to discuss marketing strategy with a lovely entertainment director I met at the celebrity impersonator convention. She said I should approach college campuses with well-thought out promo material and that I could help groups raise funds. Wouldn't that be fun for Valentine's Day? Send a Marilyn Monroe singing telegram to your sweetheart on campus. I make money, they make money, and it's great! Some other suggestions were to market myself to retirement homes which is definitely a niche market for my character. I felt inspired and ready to improve my act. My next step is to learn the words and choreography for 20-, 30-, 45- and 60-minute shows.

Speaking of shows, I was approached by a fabulous Frank Sinatra who would like to work with me! He wants to do a Rat-Pack-esque show with just Frank and Marilyn. I need to research the dialogue and subject matter and put something together which sounds like *so* much fun. I think I'll take a trip to Vegas one of these weekends for some reconnaissance. And maybe I'll pose for tips while I'm there! I'll hand out my business cards like candy.

You know how I've accidentally forgotten to draw on my spot before a gig? I feel positively naked without the Marilyn beauty mark, and I have come to the perfect solution! I've booked an appointment with a permanent makeup artist! These are the reference photos I provided. I'm looking for something natural looking that I can darken if if I wish (like Marilyn's actual mole).

That's all for now! I've got a gig scheduled for next week, and I'll let you know it goes! <3

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