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Back to my Roots

I haven't been to the salon in eight weeks! I console myself by remembering that if Marilyn were quarantined for months, she'd be showing roots too. I wasn't planning for a worldwide pandemic when I opted to be as authentic as possible and bleach my hair platinum blonde. Now that Arizona is opening back up, I've got a touch up scheduled for two weeks from now, which I'm hoping will be enough time to reassess and I'll reschedule if necessary.

I've been taking this time to narrow in on my physical goals. I pretty much gave up on keeping my stress eating under control when everything unraveled so I didn't even complete the competition I was in. After my "the-world-is-ending" eating spree, I decided to get back to what started my weight loss journey, Diet Bet, and it's been hugely motivating! The final weigh in is in a couple of days and I'm super close to hitting my goal, but regardless of whether I make my money back, I'm extremely pleased with myself and the progress I've made and I've already signed up for another round.

My strategies are combining intermittent fasting and low-carb/keto, and I'm happy to say, it's working! I'm confident that it's only a matter of time until I reach my goals. I'm giddy because I know I'll feel more enthusiastic about promoting myself and taking my side hustle to the next level, like getting new gowns. I've got plans to invest in duplicates of the white dress and my shoes so I don't have to worry about my dress being at the dry cleaners, and I really want to invest in a replication of the scandalous Birthday gown that Marilyn wore when she sang to JFK. Not sure if I'll get two of those right away... it's at least $2K for that one since it's so labor intensive to attach all those rhinestones!

I turned down a gig when everything got shut down six weeks ago out of concern for social distancing, but when my entertainment company texted a few days ago saying they've got a social-distancing singing telegram they wanted me for, I accepted. I ended up singing my songs for a lovely gentleman who turned 65, performing 6 feet from the door where they watched. He loved it! He even tipped me an extra $20 when his daughter had already taken care of the gratuity. He said I have a lovely voice. So kind of him! It felt so good to be performing again and spreading joy. I am really excited to get my hair done again and get back to performing, even if it is from a distance.

Since I couldn't do my typical routine with the kiss on the cheek and photo opportunities, the man's daughter asked me if I could frame the card for him as a keepsake. I decided to make it a bit fancy and added a picture of me and some balloons (I blurred out anything personal so I could show you):

In addition to focusing on improving my physique, I've also made changes to my beauty routine (basically I started one). I'm using an eye lash serum to help my natural lashes blend in better with the magnetic false ones I wear. It's amazing how a little bit of extra length and volume makes me feel so pretty! I've also bumped up my anti-aging/skin care routine with collagen and special serums for day and night. Since I am kinda late to the game (I was 34 when I decided I wanted to become the top Marilyn in the world) I've been pretty preoccupied with ways to preserve my youthful looks. I'm hoping that with consistent use I'll look like I'm in my thirties for at least 15 more years, maybe even 20. Good nutrition and positive vibes go a long way too!

My plans to visit Australia are on hold indefinitely until the pandemic is over, which gives me more time to save for the trip. I also still plan on getting permanent makeup done for my mole, but I figured that could wait for now. Overall, feeling wonderful, and excited for what the future will bring! ♥

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