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G'day Mate!

If you remember from my earliest posts, one of my biggest motivators for wanting to become a world-class Marilyn Monroe impersonator is so I can bring my family to Australia so my husband can see his mom again and she can meet the kids. Well... I'm making it happen! Next year in October! There's a cruise happening over my birthday in Sydney, and either before or after that we'll visit Perth to see grandma. We haven't seen her since my husband moved here to marry me 10 years ago! I put my deposit down and now I am properly motivated start promoting myself. I'm starting by getting more consistent about posting blurbs about my gigs on my social media, and now I'm sharing them with my Facebook friends with invitations to book me. I made a vision board for my trip!

Last night I accompanied an Austin Powers lookalike and greeted guests at a Hollywood-themed company holiday party! The facial recognition tool on Facebook is pretty cool because it alerted me to when this picture popped up. So nice to have pictures from gigs! Check me out promoting myself. I'm so proud. :'-)

I felt a bit awkward during the second half because while mingling with the guests, hardly anyone wanted to take pictures or chat with me. To be fair, they were busy eating, but before my next Meet & Greet, I want to come up with some jokes and bits of conversation to better entertain the guests. I also need to get better at staying in character. It's difficult when people start asking questions about me specifically! And I realized I need to make sure I always bring my eyeliner with me. Notice anything missing in this picture?

Neither did I until 5 minutes before I got to my gig! I didn't have time to stop at a drug store to get eyeliner, so I was praying that my Austin Powers cohort would have some with him. But he didn't even wear any makeup! What's a girl to do!? I was reluctant to ask the lady who hired us because how unprofessional would that look? Instead, I saw a sharpie on the table by the bartenders. They said I could borrow it if I brought it right back, so I stepped around the corner, steadied my breath, and placed a dot in just the right place. Whew!

I'm so, so excited to have real, concrete plans to take my family to Australia. It gives me a whole new sense of determination to achieve my fitness goals and to actually start promoting myself with the intention of getting more gigs. I feel like I'm firing on all cylinders! ♥

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