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Welcome to my new blog! I switched website providers in a hurry and now all my posts from the last two years are gone. But that's okay, because I'm looking forward to bigger and better things, like becoming the top Marilyn Monroe impersonator in the world and traveling the world to perform for celebrities and other high profile clients. My biggest motivator is returning to Australia and introducing my kids to their Dad's side of the family!

A couple of recent gigs:

The first was for a gentleman turning 50 and was held at an Italian restaurant in downtown Scottsdale with his family. I found the location and waltzed in. It's a pretty small venue, and they were kind enough to stop the music at my request. All eyes were on me! There were even patrons at other tables with their cell phones pointed at me. The man enjoyed it, but said, "Why are you doing this? I have a heart condition!" His wife chided him for lying. She's the one who set it up, but she had me sign the card, "from your Secret Admirer."

I snapped some selfies in the parking lot and posted them on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

After that gig, I accidentally let my domain name lapse. It was awful! For a day my website looked like this:

I felt so sloppy and unprofessional. It was especially horrifying because I've been handing out my business cards like candy and this is not how I want my new contacts to see me!

Now I'm happy to say that while it's obviously unfinished, at least it lets people know that I'm still in business in a charming sort of way:

And I opted for the package that includes a way to take payments! So when I start promoting myself fully, I will be all set up to start taking payments conveniently. Love it! It will take my side hustle to the next level!

My second gig was for a sweet older man's 80th birthday. His wife was was so excited to book me for this special birthday. She told me their tradition was that she would always sing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to him when he wakes up on his birthday. It was sweet. You could tell that they were very much in love 25 years after getting married. His whole family was there, and the little kids even posed with a photo with me before I left. This man barely looked at me while I was performing. But he thanked me a few times when I finished, so I'm sure he liked it. The rest of the family thought it was a blast! And this lady tipped me well for driving so far south. She thought it was great! :)

Here's a car selfie from after that gig:

So that's the biggest recent news. Oh... in terms of my plans for getting in shape... um... that three day wobble became a three week wobble. So now I'm psyching myself up for a strict June. I know I can do this! I've done it before and I want that damn size 6 body so I'm just going to have to suck it up and focus hard. Once I hit my physical goals, I'll feel way more comfortable promoting myself in a grand way. I still get plenty of positive reinforcement at my current size, which is great, but it's important to me to represent Marilyn in the most authentic way possible, and to do that I'll need to get to at least her average size, which I reckon is between a size 6 and 8. Once I get to that size range I'm going to ramp up my promotion efforts and get myself noticed by high profile contacts. My aspirations include appearing on TV and movies and modeling for advertising campaigns. I'm excited! Everything is coming together. <3

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